【Sakura Science Plan】Call for Application!

Sakura Science Plan is a set of programs that invites people from Asian countries and others to Japan in a collaboration of industry-academia-government in order to introduce and offer experience in Japanese science and technology. Beginning in 2014, and for a period of 6 years, over 30,000 young people visited Japan on this program.

By exchanging ideas in the field of science and technology among the participants, the programs aim to achieve several purposes. First, it can support the development of talented people overseas who have the potential to contribute to innovation in science and technology continuous interaction between Japan and other countries and regions. Furthermore, it aims to promote globalization of Japanese education and research institutes and strengthen good relationship between Japan and other countries and regions. 

The plan consists of two programs, among which, the Open Application Program is open to public application. The application period is Jan 31 to Nov. 15 and will usually take 1-3 weeks to apply. The program offers mainly 3 types of courses, expanding through fields of science, technology and research. 

.For more application information, please visit their official website
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