• Prof.Jinghua Cao

    Executive Director, ANSO Secretariat
    Prof. CAO Jinghua is the past Director General of Bureau of International Cooperation of CAS with 40 years of rich experience in international cooperation.
  • JIA Bo

    Senior Manager, ANSO Secretariat
    Prof. Bo Jia is the Senior Manager of ANSO Secretariat. He was Deputy Secretary-General at AII-China Youth Federation; Deputy Director-General of International Liaison Department of Central Committee at Communist Youth League of China; Deputy Secretary-General at All-China Students Federation.
  • Prof. Ailikun

    Assistant Executive Director, ANSO Secretariat
    Prof. Ailikun is the Assistant Executive Director of ANSO Secretariat. She got her PhD in Department of Geoscience of Tsukuba University of Japan, works on Asian monsoon climatology, global change and sustainability research in monsoon Asia.
  • Prof. Xiaowei Nie

    Assistant Executive Director, ANSO Secretariat
  • Division of Information and Communication

    Ensure the information exchange for the ANSO Governing Board and the member organizations; support the communication and cooperation between ANSO and international/national organizations; collect relevant information both at home and abroad; maintain the website and the database; publish the promotional materials; organize international conferences and workshops.

    Division of Science Planning and Consultation

    Draft the strategic plans for the construction and development of ANSO; collect the information of B&R related ongoing international/national programs and projects; plan and organize the future ANSO projects; coordinate and draft the environment assessment and scientific consulting reports; provide the science-based development policy for the governments and agencies in the B&R countries.

    Division of Capacity Building and Training

    Utilize national and international resources, work closely with member organizations, and support the young scientists training activities and talents nursing programs under the ANSO framework.

    Division of Finance

    Special Advisors

  • Dr. GUO Ying

    Senior Consultant, ANSO Secretariat
  • Dr. LIU Wei

    Science Officer, ANSO Secretariat
  • Dr. Guliz Sutcu

    Science Officer, ANSO Secretariat
  • Prof. LEE Haiwon

    Special Advisor
  • Prof. Zabta Khan Shinwari

    Special Advisor
  • Prof. Patrick O'Connor

    Senior Science Information Advisor
  • Prof. CHEN Yongning

    Regional Coordinator
  • Mme Fu Shuqin

    Special Advisor
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