2022 Call for Ideas and Suggestions on ANSO Training


2022 Call for Ideas and Suggestions on

ANSO Training



1. Introduction

The Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO) is a non-profit and non-governmental international scientific organization founded in 2018 by 37 international science and education institutions from around the world, and it now has 67 member organizations from 48 countries and regions. ANSO catalyzes and implements a series of projects and activities in Science, Technology, Innovation and Capacity Building (STIC), such as collaborative research projects, training projects, and visiting fellowship on mega-science facilities, to tackle with major global environmental challenges and to help advance the UN SDGs under the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.

The ANSO training program is aligned to the needs of the regional and local science and technology advancement, especially basic and applied sciences to support green and sustainable development. ANSO training program, at the current stage, gives high emphasis on collaboration, networking and capacity building around common S&T challenges and concerns. Featured training will prioritize the common needs of ANSO members. Your ideas and suggestions will be of great importance to all members.

Here is the guideline for ANSO call for training projects in 2022, by which, we intend to seek good ideas, suggestions and proposals from our member institutions and partners that are easily operated and implemented.


2. Priority Areas

We highly encourage training program ideas and proposals focusing on the following issues.

1) Global Environmental Changes; 

2) Agriculture and Food Security;

3) Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services;

4) Health and Biosafety;

5) Energy Security and Clean Energy;

6) STI Policy and Strategy for Sustainable Development;

7) Higher Education;

8) Emerging Technology (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc.).


3. Principles and Advice

1) The Principal Investigator of a proposed program should be from an ANSO member organization (Listed in Attachment 2). Besides, it should involve at least 1 institution from ANSO members as collaborator;

2) The participants for the proposed project should involve at least 3 countries (not necessary from ANSO member countries);

3) Please fill out the application form (Attachment 1) for follow-up communication and discussion;

4) The deadline for submission is July 15th, 2022;

5) Please be advised that any idea and proposal will be discussed and responded.


4. Funding

1) Around 20,000-30,000 USD per project from ANSO.

2) Executive period: 1 year.

3) In-kind funding and contribution from other resources are highly welcomed and appreciated.


5. Contact

Please send the completed forms to ANSO Secretariat at If you have any questions and inquiry, please contact us by the above email at any time for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where the funds will be transferred to?

The grant will be transferred to the account of the PI’s organization.

2. If a researcher is not from any ANSO Member countries, can he/she be involved in the project?


3. Can NGOs be involved as collaborators?

Yes. NGOs can be involved as collaborators as well.

4. Is there any age limit for the applicants?

No. There is no age limit for the applicants.

5. Can I submit more than one proposal?

No. One principal investigator can submit only one proposal.  


Download the attachments:

Attachment 1-Template Proposal of 2022 ANSO Training

Attachment 2-List of ANSO 67 Members and Governing Board Members

Attachment 3-Financial Regulations for the ANSO Projects

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