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The Belt and Road Alliance of Urban Environmental Health Held USS Online Lecture Series

The Belt and Road Alliance of Urban Environmental Health 2022-03-28
In order to better promote the cooperation, exchange and dissemination of new ideas on urban science and sustainability, the Urban Science and Sustainability (USS) Lecture Series, jointly hosted by the Belt and Road Alliance of Urban Environmental Health of ANSO and the Institute of Urban Environment (IUE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has successfully held 11 online lectures since October 2021. It has invited 11 top scholars in the field of urban sustainability (including 4 academicians and 2 distinguished professors) from home and abroad as keynote speakers. There are totally more than 11,000 participants/views coming from more than 40 countries/regions, including China, the United States, Australia, Malaysia and Japan and covering more than 600 universities/organizations. 
This Lecture Series is co-organized by IUE, CAS, Arizona State University, University of Chicago, and ANSO. It aims at building a platform for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, academic insights and research experiences in urban science and sustainable development as well as promoting international cooperation, theoretical construction and application practice of urban science at national and international levels. The topics contain several important areas of urban sustainability science, such as urban energy, environment, transportation, etc. There are classical topics (e.g., theories of complex urban system, etc.), new technology approaches (e.g., artificial intelligence, emerging urban data sources, etc.) and frontier areas (e.g., crisis and challenges in urban transformation, etc.). Gradually, the Lecture Series has played a more important role in the field of urban science and sustainable development, with gaining a greater appeal in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Also, it has been highly praised by peers in the field, and thus to enhance the international influence of CAS and ANSO in the field of urban sustainable development.

Source:The Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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