Research Introduction

ANSO Collaborative Research

Program officer, ANSO Secretariat 2019-04-30

  ANSO Collaborative Research   

ANSO collaborative research will be jointly initiated and supported by ANSO members, institutes, universities and international organizations focusing on hotspots and urgent issues related to environmental change, green development, human wellbeing and sustainable development. The following are special focus areas:  

Scientific Research Orientations: Climate Change and Adaptation, Natural Disaster, Water Resource and Water Security, Air Pollution and Human Health, Ecosystem and Biodiversity, Combating Desertification, Energy Security, S&T Policy and Strategy on Sustainable Development, and Big Data. 

 Human Well-being Orientations: Agriculture and Food Security, Public Health, Poverty Alleviation, Disaster reduction, and Technology Transfer.

        ANSO-CAS Collaborative Research (9) 

  Multi-model-Integrated Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Prediction and Application in Disaster Risk Reduction

  Green Development Mode and Typical Demonstration of China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor

  Investigating the Transcontinental-scale Distribution of Antibiotic Resistance Along the Belt and Road Initiative Countries

  Investigation and Monitoring of Agricultural and Forestry Pests in the Interior of Central Asia

  Collaborative Research on Feasible Technologies and Strategies for Safe Drinking Water in Southeast and South Asian “Belt and Road” Countries

  Establishment of Clinical Medicine Transformation Center for Infectious Diseases and Development of New Antimalarial Drugs

  CropWatch Innovative Cooperation Programme for Agricultural Monitoring (ANSO CropWatch-ICP)

  Ecological Security Assessment and Countermeasures along the China-Mongolia-Russia Corridor in the Belt and Road Region

  ANSO Atmosphere Observation Network Serves for Belt and Road Initiative




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